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​There are two main causes behind the slow processing of computer- Either hard drive has some problem or your computer has been affected by the virus. Diagnostic software is required in order to look for technical problems in hard drive. And to check for virus related problem, an antivirus is required.

When you try to use antivirus in order to detect the virus problems, your antivirus might now work. This may happen as most of the viruses disable the antivirus software.  Dust is one of the big problems that may make your computer slow. Please make sure that your computer is completely clean and there is not dust. If there is any dust particles in your PC, clean it with a fiber cloth. Check whether CPU heat sinks are clean. Also look at fan, are they working properly. If you want more information about heat sinks, you can connect with Acer customer support USA.  
CPU and motherboard are sensitive to temperature. If the temperature exceeds than a certain limit, CPU starts working slow. When a computer gets overheated, it gives heavy load on the power supply.
Either there is no memory or there is a problem in the memory. Memory problems are unusual but they occur. It happens on older computers and low quality computers. Several times, PSU may be the main reason behind your slow computer. It is a capacitor defect. It provides unstable power supply to the motherboard and other components. There are undesirable spikes and fluctuations in the power supply.
Power supply can destroy your hard drive. If you use a new hard drive and this hard drive also gets damaged, then there is a problem in power supply. You find the power supply defects by using oscilloscope.
If your problem is still not resolved, there is no need to worry. Use Acer customer support number to get online guidance from technical experts.